how we can help

We now have over 10 years experience of working as a Community Trust and have established some skills and some history which we can share with others .

Energy Advice

FDT has been fortunate to be able to have its own Energy Advisor working within the village for the last eight years, largely funded through various grant awards.

Our energy adviser will arrange to visit your home and discuss all aspects of energy efficiency , available grants and solutions for improving both your home comfort and reducing your CO2 emissions.

We have recently purchased a thermal imaging camera which is ideal for locating sources of heat loss and poor insulation etc.

This service is free of charge to all residents of Fintry and can be arranged by contacting the Trust.


When resources are available we can supply a number of grants to assist the costs of carrying out energy efficiency measures .

Household Grant – successful applicants will receive up to £500 to install a system or improvements which meet our grant criteria and are approved by our Energy Adviser.

Warm Home Fund grant – similar to the above but for up to £1000 where residents can demonstrate they are in fuel poverty (10% or more of the household income is spent in fuel/heating)

Education grants – which aims to assist all students from Fintry with travel, transport, books, equipment etc vital to their studies. The grant is strictly at the discretion of the board, but can provide £500 per year of course for each applicant where an environmental benefit is demonstrated.

Because of financial constraints, all the grant programmes are currently suspended.


Where appropriate we welcome visitors to Fintry to share our experiences and history.

We currently work with Universities such as St Andrews and Strathclyde, who regularly bring students to hear about the work of the Trust and witness community renewable projects in action.

Other communities and groups who seek to achieve similar goals are also welcome to visit and discuss our shared ambitions.

We have hosted many visitors from quite far afield – Estonia, Brazil, Papua, Australia and Africa as well as many “nearer to home” groups!

Case Studies

We are developing a collection of case studies from Fintry residents who have direct experience of many of the activities of the Trust such as

  • installing a micro renewable system
  • insulation projects
  • utilising the household grants

and more

The intention is to provide using information on costs, benefits, pitfalls and experience and where appropriate match those hoping to undertake a project with those who have experience with similar .

Watch this space or get in touch for further information.