ongoing work

Here at Fintry Development Trust we are keeping busy.


Currently we are fully engaged with our SMART Fintry project as we head to the end of our current two year funding and get down to the gritty stuff of report writing and conclusions.

We are preparing our data findings from the project to plan for a year 3 proposal which if successful for funding, will utilise all the information from the last two years and provide us with the means to develop a financially self sustaining program which has Fintry balancing its energy needs with local green generators.

Lots to do and an exciting future for pioneering Fintry .


As all this unfolds we continue to investigate other possibilities for our community which meet with our objectives of making Fintry a zero waste, zero carbon and sustainable community.

We encourage our members to bring forward ideas for the Trust to investigate and we monitor many environmental forums to keep up to speed with technology and opportunities.

Chasing funding

With so much to do and so many ideas we wish to pursue we need to continually keep abreast of funding opportunities which work with our own ambitions. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not but we keep at it non the less, as our income from the turbine is limited and our potential is great!


We continue to provide free energy advice to all in the community who request it. This provides the first steps in establishing the any necessary solutions for each household to improve levels of home comfort while reducing energy use and costs where possible. Our staff are then available to assist and further advise through any next steps. Our energy advisor’s knowledge of available grant assistance, suitable technology and FDT projects, ensures engaged members of the community receive the best advice for their specific needs.

We continue to develop our relationships with the primary and high schools from supporting them in their green curriculum agendas , to planting trees and wild flower gardens!

We support the the older children by attending career events and discussions to increase awareness of renewables, sustainability and the environment.

We continue to host visits from universities, community groups and other interested parties to impart our wisdom(!?) and share the knowledge and conversation of energy and environmental projects.

Where appropriate we hold community events to share our ambitions and garner feedback from the community and we continually encourage new residents , and some old ones, to join the Trust so we can keep them up to date with what we are up to.

Never a dull moment

This is all fuelled largely by the dedication of our volunteer Board of directors, our staff, supporters and partners …and lashings of tea.