ongoing work

Here at Fintry Development Trust we are keeping busy.

Help with energy costs

Information about our scheme to help people with energy costs is available here.

Planning for the future

In 2019 we decided we needed to do some planning for the future, looking to define what the trust’s activities should be in the future and how it should be managed.

This has involved consulting within the community and externally with organisations we’ve worked with in the past. What should the trust be doing to ensure it continues so support the Fintry community and reduce its environmental impact.

We encourage our members to bring forward ideas for the Trust to investigate and we monitor many environmental forums to keep up to speed with technology and opportunities.

Chasing funding

With so much to do and so many ideas we wish to pursue we need to continually keep abreast of funding opportunities which work with our own ambitions. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not but we keep at it non the less, as our income from the turbine is limited and our potential is great!


Where appropriate we hold community events to share our ambitions and garner feedback from the community and we continually encourage new residents, and some old ones, to join the Trust so we can keep them up to date with what we are up to.

Never a dull moment

This is all fuelled largely by the dedication of our volunteer Board of directors, our staff, supporters and partners… and lashings of tea.