past projects

2007/8 Insulation Project
Our first major project which offered free loft and cavity wall insulation to all residents of Fintry.

2009 Sports Club Energy Saving Project
Providing energy saving lighting and sensors for the Sports Club which is the main community hub with small shop, bar and cafe.

2009 First FRESh Event
Fintry Renewable Energy Show was held.The event included those in the Energy Industry in talks and presentations, and a Family day full of energy and sustainability information with green activities for all the family.

2010 Primary School Outdoor Classroom
The outdoor classroom was created with a contribution from FDT

2010 First Staff
Climate challenge fund received allowing us to engage a project manager and energy advisor. Over 20 domestic heat pump and biomass heating systems installed over the year and support given to Fintry Sports Club for installing a biomass heating system.

2010 Second FRESh
4th & 5th of June

2011 Climate Challenge Fund Exemplar Grant
Exemplar grant awarded from the Climate Challenge fund to continue staffing of going projects including –

  • Sports Club biomass boiler installation.
  • FEET – Fintry Energy Efficient Transport launched to investigate the feasibility of a local rural car club to tackle transport issues.
  • Fintry Community Orchard was created around the perimeter of the Sports field. Over 40 fruit trees were planted by community volunteers.

2012 Climate Challenge Fund Awarded Three Year Funding
Three year funding awarded to progress our work and aim towards making Fintry a low carbon community, through tackling energy, transport and sustainability projects.

FDT created the Green Pages, local directory for services and trades.

3rd FRESh – Fintry Renewable Energy Show was held again, expanding on previous successes.

2013 Focus on Energy Saving and Fuel Poverty
Opened the Community Garden for all to use.

Added EV to FEET fleet of cars.

Visitors from Papua Indonesia

2014 Final Year of CCF Funded Project
4th FRESh event – bigger than ever and including a celebration of community successes through our FRESh Egg awards event. Evening was attended by many other pioneering communities, with guest presenters, MPs MEPs, MSPs.

2015 District Heating
District heating system development of plans for Balgair – 26 chalet homes, most residents in fuel poverty.

Visitors from Brazil and the EU.

2016 SMART Fintry Project
Funded by Local Energy Scotland for a pioneering two year project which aims to balance local green energy production with local community’s energy use.

Hosted guests from the Estonian Government

2017 Year 2 of Smart Fintry Project
Continuation of local energy advice and grant assistance.

Installed Solar PV to the Nursery building, providing a Solar Fund from the resulting Feed in Tariff payments, for the Primary School to use in development of environmental projects for Fintry pupils.

Hosted guests for Australian Parliament

2018 Completion and reporting on the SMART Fintry project.
Investigated the potential for extending the SMART Fintry project through consultations with industry,  businesses and the community.

Development of plans for a potential District Ground Source heating project within the village.

Visited by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, The Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands.

Continued with GSHP possibilities including grant funding applications and technical investigations.

Disappointingly unable to proceed with district heating project due to technical issues of insufficient water volume.

Began the early ground work and preparations for FDT’s Futures project – discussing the opportunities and possibilities for Fintry in 4 year’s time when the mortgage is finally paid off on our turbine, and substantially larger income is expected to come to the Trust.

Exciting times ahead.

AGM held on 02.02.2020 before opening the day up to a Sustainability Day open to all residents of Fintry to promote all aspects of Sustainability and Environmental consideration.

Shortly afterwards the global pandemic abruptly changed plans and activities of the Trust